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The Michigan Stadium a.k.a "The Big House" is the largest stadium in the US and the second largest stadium in the world. Home to the legendary Wolverines. Attending a game at the Michigan Stadium is at the top of every college football fans’ bucket list. This mammoth venue serves the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It seats a jaw-dropping 110,000 people and has hosted the lion’s share of big football games.

The old expression, “Go big or go home”, takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Michigan Stadium. It’s affectionately referred to as "The Big House" for a reason. Michigan Stadium is the largest venue of its kind in the United States and the third largest in the world, and it is located at 1201 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan Stadium has often taken the lead in stadium technology. It was the first venue to use electronic scoreboards in 1930 and is one of the few college stadiums today with video scoreboards in each end zone. It still holds the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) single-season average home attendance record at 112,252 fans per game, set in 2012.

The Michigan Wolverines Football team has a local fanbase whose loyalty to the team is arguably about as ferocious as the team’s namesake. And while you may not find real wolverines in Michigan, the tenacious fans certainly make up for that.

One of the most intriguing facts about the Stadium is the mysterious "extra" seat attributed to former head coach and athletics director Fritz Crisler. The tradition was started by another former coach, Fielding Yost. During each home game, Michigan reserves a single seat for Crisler, and all Michigan Stadium capacity figures always end with the number 1. Good luck finding this mystery seat, though. Its location has always remained a closely guarded secret.

Legend has it that beneath the iconic stadium’s surface; a crane lies buried following an incident during the Stadium’s construction in the 1920s. Before the Stadium was built, the land contained a spring that provided water to the university. During construction, the land had to be lowered to compensate for the quick-sand-like soil caused by the underground lake, which consumed the crane. You may want to ask the locals about how much truth there is to this old legend.

Attending any event at Michigan Stadium is a unique and unforgettable experience. The rich history surrounding the venue and its position as one of the most innovative venues in the U.S.A. make it worth a visit – no matter what your reasons are for heading to the Great Lake State – and you’re unlikely to run out of things to do in the area around the Stadium either. If immersing yourself in the Game Day atmosphere is your thing, the electrifying vibe and epic sound system at Michigan Stadium is tough to beat.

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