michigan stadium seating chart

NOTE: Seating layouts may change depending on the event. Make sure you check the individual seating map when selecting your tickets.

There is no shortage of seating at Michigan Stadium. Everyone has different preferences and budgets, which are all catered for. Each seating area has its own unique perspective and atmosphere.

Wonder how The Big House’s seating works with more than 100,000 seats available? Here are some insights to the seating areas including the best seats in the stadium.

Also, with the large amount of audience, if you are not in the premium club seats, do expect to feel a little bit tight in your spot. Watching the game while standing may be the most comfortable even if you have a seat.

Student Seating

This is the section that is likely to be the most rowdy. Michigan Stadium Student Sections are in sections 25-33R. Bear in mind, if you’re bringing your family along, the atmosphere in this section may not be child-friendly. University of Michigan students are known for their almost religious dedication to their home team, and can get very animated (to say the least) during the game. These seats are the heart of all the activity and a great way to get the real University of Michigan experience.

Club Seating

The club level is just above the east sideline, close to the visitors’ bench. These are premium seats that are more expensive and more comfortable, with access to the Club Lounge and more premium food and drink choices. If you prefer five-star treatment when you go to the game, the Club seats won’t disappoint. The section is renowned for its great service and comfort.

Michigan Bench

You’ll find the Michigan Wolverines bench in sections 22-24, and the visitors’ bench in sections 1-2 and 44. Despite their undying loyalty to the Wolverines, the local crowd is very welcoming of visitors, and there are plenty of venues nearby where home crowds and visitors converge after games for a friendly drink or two.

What are the best seats at Michigan Stadium?

The best seats at Michigan stadium are located in the sections closest to midfield as every other football stadium in the world. For The Big House, it is specifically Sections 22-24, 1-2, and 44. Ideally, you should choose rows 10-30 so you can watch the plays develop from all corners of the field.

For a truly premium experience, you may want to splurge on Club tickets. Club seats give you access to a premium indoor lounge with five-star service and better food and drink options. The Club experience is a truly memorable, upmarket way to watch the game and a great way to impress a client or business contact. But if you really want to feel the trademark Michigan vibe, there’s no better place than the grandstands.

If you would rather be close to the action, join the bustling crowds closer to the midfield. That way, you can enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere that the Big House has to offer. And rest assured, Michigan fans are an entire culture unto their own. Student seats are the “party seats”. So, if you really want to experience the MU vibe, that’s the place to be. That said, however, the Student section is not a great place for kids, as it can get quite raucous.

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